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Intro to the basics of Torah and a look at the road map for applying God's commands to our lives as outlined in the Bible. It explores the timeline and covenants of the biblical text and discusses how Torah Observance is relevant to the life of every believer today.

Terms and Word Definitions:

ShalomA salutation or greeting which means "Peace!"

Torah: The first 5 books of the bible, or in a looser sense, the biblical teachings and "instruction" overall which are explored throughout the books.

Covenant: An agreement or contract. Specifically in the bible it refers mostly to certain contracts established between God and his creation or people. 

Mitzvah: A Hebrew word which means commandment usually referring to a specific commandment given in the Torah.

Sin: Breaking any of God's Commands.

Divisions of the Bible:

The Old Testament: Written almost entirely in Hebrew except for a tiny amount of Aramaic. It is made up of 3 types of books:

The first letter of these three book types, T and N, and K, form a Hebrew term for the old testament called the Tanakh, or the Jewish Bible.

The New Testament: It is written in Greek and contains the four Gospels which reveal the life of Jesus and his teachings, The book of Acts which outlines early church history after Jesus, and the Epistles, a series of letters and teachings written by the followers of Jesus. The last book of the bible as we mentioned is a book of Prophecy called "Revelation".

The Mitzvahs (Commandments of God)

There have been several methods in history for trying to list all the specific commands found in the bible, or more specifically the part of the bible known as the Torah. These are usually categorized today in a list known as the 613 Commandments.

Most of theese 613 commandments (or Mitzvahs as they are called in Hebrew) can not be done today becacuse they require a rebuilt temple to perform them. However a good number of them can still be done still, and it is the keeping of these commands that form the basis for Torah Observance for those believers who make it a practice of their faith to keep the Mitzvah's given by God.

This site is designed as an introduction to this practice.


[Psa 119:105 KJV] 105 NUN. 

"Thy word [is] a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Shalom! Every Journey begins with a step. We recognize that the bible can feel overwhelming and daunting given all the knowledge and instructions contained in it, and it's easy to be overcome with a sense of information overload. The goal of this website is not to add to that feeling, but rather to help ease the learning curve by oversimplifying concepts and bringing things down to some bare bones basics. Is this a replacement for the in depth teachings of the text? God forbid! It's merely a starting point. that should help you gain some sense of direction and launch you into further study. We are simply trying to shine a little light on the path ahead and hopefully make things easier and  more understandable.

Let's Start with an "Extremely" Oversimplified Look at the Bible...

The bible is a collection of books, some as small as only a single chapter long. It was written by about 40 different authors over roughly 1,500 years on 3 different continents in 3 different languages (Hebrew, Greek, and a tiny bit of Aramaic). It is divided into 2 parts: The Old Testament and the New Testament. But behind all these books, the one true author is God, who inspired these men to write his words down for us into his book called; "The Bible."

This is an extremely basic outline of the text:

Some post-biblical events:

About 40 years after the ministry of Jesus, the Roman Empire had a great war with Israel and destroyed the temple they had rebuilt. They took the Jewish people into captivity and Israel would not become a Nation-State again until 1948, a few short years after the end of World War II. Although many of the Jewish people have returned to their ancestral homeland,  they have not yet rebuilt their temple because there are great tensions about this with the Islamic world which also claims the location of the site as a holy to Islam. Meanwhile, Christians wait in great anticipation of the soon return of Jesus to the place he left nearly 2,000 years ago: the holy city of Jerusalem. 

These three faiths, known as the Abrahamic religions, make up almost 60% of the world's population today, making the city of Jerusalem, the location of the temple site, a major focal point on the world stage for the entire planet. 

Read John 14:15

Jesus said"If you love me, Keep my Commandments".