As mentioned in earlier sections. there have been several ways in history to compile and catalog the commandments given in the Torah. however, they are most famously known as the 613 Mitzvahs or commandments. If your a Christian, you might be surprised to know your probably keeping most of them anyway (things like don't murder, steal, lie etc.). However there are a number of commandments that you may not be keeping or even aware of. The purpose of this website is to focus first on those and adress the rest in more detail in time. Remeber, this site is only a basic introduction to a complex subject. 

It's impoertant to note that alot of these commandments simply won't apply to you for various reasons. For example. many of the commandments require a temple in order to perform them. Some may only be done in Israel. Some are only for women while others are specifically for men. Others still are fore priests, or judges, or unique and rare situations you most likely won't encounter. Therefore don't let that large number of 613 intimidate's not as big as you think!

For an overview of the 613 commandments you can see the list below, however for convenience we have created sections focusing on the most relevant commandments in the pages ahead.  Feel dree to go to the next section now and we can begin by understanding the holidays and the biblical calendar.