Kosher Animals:

Animals that have split hooves and chew it's cud. Cows, goats, and lambs are kosher for example. Pigs, Rabbits and Squirrels are not.

Kosher Sea creatures:

It must have fins and scales. Tuna and salmon are kosher for example, while catfish shrimp and lobster are not.

Kosher Birds:

Non-predator birds. Chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys are kosher for example, whereas vultures, hawks, eagles and owls are not.

Basic Kosher Concepts

Here are six simple basic rules to keeping Kosher:

Looking for Kosher Symbols:

Because many store bought foods contain so many different ingredients, many different organizations have come to assist in labeling many food packages with a symbol to tell you if it's Kosher or not. These symbols are called "Hechshers".

Here is some examples to look for: (NOTE: Not all packaging use these)